AlphaSYNT – It all started in a coffee break

Luca Schmidlin and Andreas Aeschimann crossed paths for the very first time during a coffee break at a general marketing event on June 7, 2018. Through their mutual exchange, they discovered their shared passion for Power-to-X and already felt that their “chemistry” was in harmony. Two years later, the time was ripe. Andreas remembered the meeting with Luca and offered to pool their joint know-how and put their driving passion into action – the birth of AlphaSYNT.

AlphaSYNT – the synthesis of know-how built up over many years by a wide range of players from research and industry in the field of Power-to-X. The cornerstone is the methanation technology developed and patented at the Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland), which has been fully embedded in AlphaSYNT through a license and partnership agreement. The partnership with the Institute of Energy Technology (IET) at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences OST gives AlphaSYNT access to further support in the field of applied research. Luca Schmidlin, as former project manager of the HEPP plant at the IET, was responsible for the engineering through to the operation of this plant and contributes his versatile knowledge as co-founder of AlphaSYNT.

Learn more about AlphaSYNT’s methanation technology products such as CoMeth the catalytic methanation unit for the conversion ofCO2 to biomethane.

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