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A vision without action is a dream. Acting without a vision is simply a waste of time. Acting with vision makes the positive and decisive difference.


AlphaSYNT has established itself as an innovative provider of Power-to-X technology through the development and implementation of customized solutions. Our Power-to-X projects range from the conversion of surplus electrical energy into high-quality, liquid forms of energy to the installation of complex plants for the production of carbon-neutral chemical and fuel products. Each Power-to-X project presented here underlines our commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability.


Hybrid biomethane production from integrated biomass conversion

An innovative approach to large-scale biomethane production is being investigated and tested using wood/waste wood gasification, fluidized bed methanation and high-temperature electrolysis.


Decarbonization of cities and regions with renewable gases

It examines the role of renewable gases in the decarbonization of cities and regions in order to achieve the net-zero target by 2050.

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