Hybrid biomethane production from integrated biomass conversion

In this project, an innovative way of producing biomethane on a large scale via wood/waste wood gasification, fluidized bed methanation and high-temperature electrolysis is being investigated and tested.

The HYFUELUP project has set itself the ambitious goal of expanding the technological and raw material base and accelerating the market launch of synthetic natural gas (SNG) based on biomass (biomethane or bio-SNG). This project is based on an innovative approach that combines thermochemical technologies with the integration of renewable hydrogen. The solution of the HYFUELUP project consists of the implementation of hybrid sorption-assisted gasification (SEG) and catalytic fluidized bed methanation (FBM). This combination enables the flexible addition of hydrogen and thus leads to the efficient and cost-effective production of biomethane. This advanced process reaches technological readiness level (TRL) 7, which means a high level of development maturity before commercial use.

The general objectives (GO) to be achieved by the end of the project include the following main points:

GO1: Demonstration of an innovative process for the efficient and cost-effective production of biomethane at TRL 7 by combining thermochemical technologies with the use of renewable hydrogen. This should not only prove the technical feasibility, but also demonstrate the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the process.

GO2: To demonstrate a complete value chain for biomethane, from production to purchase and distribution, in order to make a significant contribution to the integration of biomethane into the transport and energy system. The project pursues this goal with the aim of offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels and thus contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The successful implementation of these goals would not only expand the technological landscape for renewable energy, but also provide practical applications that demonstrate how biomethane can be effectively integrated into existing energy and transportation systems. Furthermore, the results of the HYFUELUP project are expected to provide crucial insights into the scalability and adaptability of methanation technologies, which may be relevant for future applications in different geographical and industrial contexts. By promoting these technologies, the project actively contributes to the energy transition and environmental protection.

Project duration
01.11.2022 – 30.11.2026

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